Experience Homemade Goodness

Feed Your Soul – Eat Well!

Everyone likes good food, and learning to make truly good food is easier than you think. I can teach you!

Sure, you can watch cooking shows on TV, but think how much fun you could have learning interactively with some of your best friends!

I'm not a trained chef. I'm just like most of you- BUSY! I have a family and a coaching practice to manage, and I care about what we eat. Cooking is my passion, but it doesn't have to be yours to learn how to make a few dishes, quickly and easily.

What’s A Cooking Party?

Cooking parties are a great way to have a fun night out with friends while learning how to make some great dishes.

You host it at your house and invite your friends and I will come over with all the food we'll need. We'll have a tasting and then I'll demonstrate how to make the dishes.

We cook, learn, laugh, and taste!

Think a cooking party won't work in your kitchen set-up? No problem. We can use mine!

Whether you can barely boil water or you like cooking and are stuck in a rut, Cook With Pamela is for you.

All you need is the desire to learn how to make good food fast, rather than eating 'fast food.' It's better for you and it's more economical.

Contact me today, to find out how YOU can host a cooking party!

Skip The Fast Food- Make Fresh Food FAST!

It's better for you and it's more economical.

If you add up all the money you spend in one month on restaurants and take out or fast food, I think you'll be shocked. In 2012, Americans spent an estimated $117 billion dollars on fast food. That doesn't take into consideration the amount spent on convenience foods from specialty stores - that's just fast food.

While specialty store prepared foods are often a healthier alternative to McDonalds (for example), they are very costly.

If you could learn to master just 5 dishes, what would that mean to your wallet? To your waistline? To your overall health?

You don't need to be Julia Child, and you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen. I can show you how to make delicious food that's quick, healthy, and cost effective. I can even show you some 'semi-homemade' dishes that you can make in twenty minutes.