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Easter table setting with tulips

What Did You Make For Your Easter Feast?

We celebrated Easter dinner with my husband’s parents and my sister and brother-in-law at our house. My mother and father-in-law usually host Easter dinner, but they are preparing to move, so I offered to host this year. I made lasagna as a first course. It’s a tradition in my mother-in-law’s family and she passed that […]

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Hoisin Chicken Wraps

I don’t typically post recipes on my site, but I stumbled across this today because I had boneless chicken breasts to cook and wanted something with pizzazz. Eating the same old diet food is getting boring, so I closed my eyes and focused on what flavor I was in the mood for. Hmmm….something with an […]

Foodie Corner


Be Free To Experiment In The Kitchen

I’m just coming down from an unbelievable ‘entertaining high.’ I had more company between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day than I’ve ever had before and it was GREAT, so this article was well-timed because I’ve been entrenched in entertaining and can’t wait to start scheduling more cooking classes. I usually tell people not to make […]